Leak Detection Equipment & Systems

Turnkey Solutions for Leak Testing, Functional Testing, and Test Centric Assembly

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The global automotive industry relies on InterTech for maximum yields, guaranteed Gauge R&R, shortest test cycle times, decreased time to market, reduced costs.

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InterTech is helping medical equipment manufacturers cut time to market by up to 15% through superior fixturing design, low-cost instrumentation and fast leak test cycle times.
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InterTech Applications Lab combines patented testing technology and leading edge engineering to achieve the highest quality standards, saving manufacturers time and money.

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This is advanced technology customers readily appreciate for increasing accuracy, speed, R&R, reliability and convenience in their production line leak and flow testing.

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  • I’ve encountered some who contend that a leak can be defined by the diameter of a hole. Really? A hole diameter cannot be traceable to NIST or similar standards. Simply put, it does not afford the accurate calibration of leak measurements.–Jacques E. Hoffmann, President

  • To this day, many mistakenly use much more expensive helium leak-testing methods because they do not appreciate that state-of-the-art mass-flow leak detectors can achieve required accuracies. –Jacques E. Hoffmann, President

  • Why are we still dragging our feet on metrics? As engineers I’m sure we can all agree that switching to metric is the right thing to do. Sooner rather than later.–Jacques E. Hoffmann, President