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Uptime Optimization Services

18 station chassis optimized for test centric assembly

Machine builders, automotive component manufacturers, and others seeking faster test-intensive assembly operations can now access InterTech Development Company’s Uptime Optimization consulting services that detail how to incorporate on-line calibration and validation of test technology, automation of temperature compensation during testing, and similar engineering that minimizes or eliminates previous needs to shut down test-centric assemblies for recalibrations. InterTech Development Company engineers estimate that a combination of solid state capabilities for online recalibrations can eliminate up to 60 minutes of assembly downtime in each 8-hour shift using machines with leak testing stations.

Jacques Hoffmann, President of InterTech Development Company comments that many assembly operations are straddled with mechanical type calibration and validation processes that are now obsolete. Hoffmann says, “Machine builders that are adding test technology as a secondary consideration in a larger assembly often do not know that they are using substandard leak testing technology that slows down production processes. One of the more straightforward ways to optimize production uptime is by adding electronically self-calibrating leak testers that automatically validate entire test systems while they are in operation. Another method is by using technology that can automatically adjust testing and interpret results correctly for parts testing at different temperatures, such that cooling of recently cast parts isn’t necessary. These are some of the ways in which InterTech Development Company can help machine builders and assemblers re-engineer processes to eliminate downtime.”

The world’s first production line leak detectors featuring electronic technology for self-calibration and system validation (CalVal) were introduced to assemblers by InterTech Development Company in 2004. Automated Temperature Compensation was developed and introduced by InterTech Development Company in 1995.

InterTech Development Company is a world leader in test-centric assembly specializing in automated leak and functional testing with mass flow, hydraulic, helium, or pressure decay technology (ISO-9001-2000 International Standards for Quality Management). IDC-engineered solutions are used by hundreds of automotive components manufacturers worldwide, among other assembly-intensive manufacturers. InterTech Development Company’s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe.

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