Is Your Manufacturing Operation in China Costing More Than It Should?

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Repeatedly Re-Engineering Systems?

In theory, using low-cost labor in China sounds like the best way to lower production costs.  In recent years however, more often than not, companies are finding that quality standards suffer with assembly and test systems that rely on low-cost labor.  To meet ISO standards (ISO 13485, ISO 16949, or ISO 9001) systems get re-engineered, sometimes repeatedly, and with a high price tag.

Is there a way to Avoid These Costs?

YES— you CAN incorporate low-cost labor into even the most challenging assembly & test operations if sufficient steps are taken to error-proof systems.  In most scenarios, this means using manual labor to load and unload parts for testing, but also relying on specialized test instrumentation that is not only fully automated but is set up with Gage R&R of ENTIRE test systems, not just instruments, in mind.

Avoid Generic Off-the-Shelf Test Instruments

Off-the-shelf instruments usually add costs for test-intensive applications-whether they are in China or elsewhere.  Longer test cycle times are common, slowing throughput.  Off-the-shelf fixtures too usually bring problems of unwelcomed seal creep.

InterTech’s Shanghai Tech Center Provides Local Support

Globally distributed manufacturers know they can meet the highest ISO quality standards — despite the challenges of ensuring quality in multiple production facilities– when they add InterTech Applications Engineers to their team. To meet the needs of a growing roster of elite manufacturers establishing operations in China, InterTech opened its Shanghai Tech Center operation in 2004.
InterTech’s turnkey test solutions in China continue to set new records for achieving the highest quality standards at the lowest costs.


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