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Read about InterTech Development Company’s low cost leak detection solution on the Auto Car Professional Magazine website.

InterTech Development Company, USA, has launched its new Eco-series 1 low-cost leak detectors in India. Designed around the company’s patented Pressure Decay process of leak measurement which offers both speed and accuracy in leak testing, the InterTech Eco-series 1 Leak Detector is a high-resolution (24-bit), pressure-change measuring instrument. It offers a touchscreen control panel for easy control and operation, an important feature that enables comprehensive use of the instrument’s impressive range of capabilities.

Packaged in a compact cabinet, the Eco-series 1 Leak Detector is portable and easy to use in on-site applications. It is also ideal for standalone Go/No-Go QC on test-benches of small and medium industries. At the same time, advanced communication facilities such as an Ethernet connection and User I/O port have been provided to allow integration of the unit into complex instrumentation panels. InterTech says the Eco-series 1 will find use in any size of industry — small, medium or large — also allowing for upgrade from standalone to being part of a larger panel..

For more details on InterTech’s leak-testing solutions, contact Ajay Athreya (099403-20718, or Ram Dharmarajan (098409-14544,




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