The Challenge of Flexibility in Leak Testing …. All-in-One Leak and Flow Testing Instruments for Medical Applications

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  • Leak testing flexibility is built into MED75-COMBO instruments which allow medical device manufacturers to focus on quality management and traceability.
  • Several options, including up to four independent channels, allow the user to conduct tests that best fit the application. Each test circuit is independent in operation with individual test circuits, pressure regulators, valves and calibration ports. The MED-75 COMBO is available in several configurations: leak and flow for medical products; a combination of pressure decay and mass flow leak detection; leak and flow for catheters. A touch-screen control panel, dual USB ports, Ethernet connectivity and embedded Web pages makes data management simple.
  • MED-75 COMBO leak detectors operate as standalone instruments or can easily interface with a PLC or PC. Setup is as easy as a touch on the test-in-progress lights or by automatic means through an external PLC.
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