How Do We Overcome Language Barriers in a Global Marketplace? – Hoffmann Insights

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We in the USA always talk about how everyone speaks English. This may be true of top managers around the world, but in general, plant engineers are most comfortable with their own language.

When you speak to others in their own language, you gain respect, but at the first difficulty, people tend to revert to their native tongue. Some words, however, defy translation. In China, for instance, the term “fuel injector” has no precise equivalent, and loose translation can lead to confusion between people of different nationalities.

Sometimes in leak testing, it seems like a translator would be helpful even when we all speak the same language! For instance, no matter where I go, it seems there is much confusion about mass flow and pressure decay.

With all the language considerations in today’s global marketplace, the best thing we can do to help our customers is to equip controls with different language options. Interactive controls like touch screens help even more.

I predict technology will trend toward devices that utilize the native language of operators and engineers through traditional and other sensory inputs such as touch screens. This is a top consideration at InterTech. How will your business overcome language barriers?


Ultrasonic welding / leak test fixture – technology update

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IDC Technology Updates – IDC is now offering an ultrasonic welding fixture which also doubles as a leak test fixture.

The sequence of operation is as follows:  operator / robot loads parts, parts are welded, leak test completed, parts unloaded; the technology means the end user does not have to employ separate work stations which typically results in redundant load / unload times for the different operations required in welding and leak detection.

Contact IDC for further information on this innovative technology offering.


MD&M West Anaheim- InterTech MED75-COMBO instruments

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Find superior leak testing technology including MED75-COMBO instruments from InterTech Development Company at Dukane’s MD&M West booth 2835 in the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, February 11-13, 2014.

This partnership between InterTech and Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions is a reflection of shared dedication to the highest standards in medical device manufacturing. Both companies have reputations for engineering quality through controllable, repeatable, reliable performance.

The objective is to validate your process, qualify every part and obtain FDA approval. Look for InterTech’s MED75-COMBO instruments at MD&M, and wherever quality management and traceability is an absolute requirement.