11 Reasons to Visit InterTech Development Company at 2015 MDM Anaheim Show Feb 10 – 12

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Medical device manufacturers will receive a 10-point summary on how many Brand X leak detectors are driving up their testing costs as much as 25%…..The eleventh reason to meet with InterTech’s testing applications engineers at the MDM show is for a personal tour of the Med75-COMBO instrument.   In addition, InterTech is scheduling no-cost consultations with MDM attendees on their specific application requirements.

Jacques Hoffmann, President and founder of InterTech Development Company says, “We are finding much misinformation in the medical device industry about leak test technology and have developed this summary sheet so that design engineers and manufacturing engineers are oriented to the right questions in selecting test technology.   The bottom line is that all leak detectors are not alike, and that when leak testing applications expertise is added to the equation reducing testing costs by 25% or more is highly doable.”

InterTech’s Med75-COMBO instrument on display flexibly adapts to the testing requirements of various medical devices with configurations for:   leak and flow; a combination of pressure decay and mass flow leak detection; and leak and flow tests for catheter. As interest in “big data” grows, many will appreciate the various ways in which Med75-COMBO simplifies data management with its touch-screen control panel, dual USB ports, Ethernet connectivity and embedded Web pages — all interfacing easily with either a PLC or PC.

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