InterTech Development Assembly Show Booth 817 – October 27th – 29th 2015 at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Centre

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InterTech Development will be showcasing its renowned M1075-121y Universal Audit Tester at the Assembly Show Booth 817

Designed with the needs of automotive R&D teams in mind, InterTech Development Company’s versatile M1075-121y Universal Audit Tester provides unmatched versatility for high accuracy gauge of leaks in a range of 5 to 800 sccm.

Ideal for testing large parts and small parts alike, InterTech’s M1075-121y Universal Audit Tester enables automotive design engineers to bypass hidden costs—time and money—of pressure decay leak test instruments that are not geared for rapid and accurate testing of new part designs.

M1075-121y Universal Audit Tester features include:

-Fail-safe operation via automatic pressure and test circuit monitoring with each test cycle

-Touch screen enabled set up within minutes

-Barcode scanner interface to assure correct pairing of test parameters and data

-Automation of test functions eliminates inaccuracies from operator errors

-Operates as standalone instrument or easy integration with PLC or PC

-Built-in Ethernet capability for seamless integration with company’s host network

-Automated statistical processing of up to 1000 test records with on-demand recording of test data.

-Bidirectional communications to interface with state-of-art monitoring software

-Fully plug and play design

-Multiple easy-to-use options for fixture control

-On board storage of up to 4,000,000 test records, with added data storage/handling via USB-enabled portable drives.

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