InterTech Leak Testers Will Improve Your Bottom Line

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Meet the world’s most experienced test applications engineers at Assembly Show Chicago,  Booth 817, October 27th – 29th 2015  to learn how to shorten your test cycle times and decrease testing costs.

InterTech’s testing specialists will be showcasing state-of-the-art testing methods, including:

Ethernet IP-Capable Test Instruments:

Talk with InterTech’s Test Engineers to find out how to leverage the Ethernet backbone that you already have in place to run your factory and business to streamline testing and receive a copy of InterTech’s how-to guide on Ethernet IP, “Tech Tips – What You Need to Know About Ethernet IP-compatible Instruments”.

 InterTech Lean Test™ for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs

InterTech has developed methods to speed leak testing up to 50% . This proven technology has put numerous customers’ leak testing processes in the fast lane and eliminated production bottlenecks worldwide. Stop in and see if your application is a fit for this high- speed solution.

Global Test Centric Assembly Solutions

From China, to Korea, to Mexico, to India, to Eastern Europe, in the United States and beyond, InterTech’s Test Engineers are helping to design the most efficient test-centric assembly systems that consider and manage the specifications required for testing efficiency upfront.

Meet InterTech’s Test-Centric Assembly specialists to learn about projects similar to yours and how InterTech has routinely cut test cycle times up to 30%.

Legacy Parts Test Re-Engineering

Are the long-established testing solutions in your assembly lines up-to-date?

 Or, are these test systems for legacy parts and products increasing costs?

Meet InterTech’s Test Engineers for a preview no-cost Legacy Devices’ and Parts’ Test Re-Engineering Consultation and decide if a detailed review of all test technology to identify out-of-date components of test systems is right for your operation.

Learn More About InterTech’s Patented Technology

M1075 Leak Tester:

InterTech recently had two customers carry out independent evaluations of its well known M1075 leak tester against two competitor models.  The M1075 proved itself faster by at least 20% and well as being 20% more accurate in testing parts for applications in fuel injectors and 49% for transmissions.

The M1075 is a compact instrument designed for the leak testing a wide variety of products. Features include barcode scanner interface, simplified calibration and operation.

Calmaster – User Friendly Adjustable Transfer Standard

A NIST traceable instrument utilized for the fast and accurate calibration of production leak test instruments that can replace ALL your calibrated orifices.

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