Big Data Insights in Manufacturing – Improving Production Processes and Supply Chains

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  • Efforts to streamline processes and optimize supply chains must be supported by the ability to examine every process component and supply chain link in granular detail. Big Data analytics give manufacturers this capability.  With the right analytics, manufacturers can zero in on every segment of the production process and examine supply chains in minute detail, accounting for individual activities and tasks. This ability to narrow the focus allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and reveal underperforming processes and components. Big Data analytics also reveal dependencies, enabling manufacturers to enhance production processes and create alternative plans to address potential pitfalls.
  • Big data brings with it many benefits. Real-time access to critical traceable configuration data provides an exceptional level of detail to quickly review for suspect parts that can help preclude equipment/system malfunctions and help eliminate the need for equipment redesign. The ability to identify and trace faulty parts to their origin proves invaluable.


  • IDC offers seamless integration within the manufacturing environment in Leak Detection with its range of products, supplier management capability, and data transparency and reliability.  IDC offers industry-leading quality management solutions and Key Patented Technology that enables Big Data analysis and a path to better quality management.
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