What are the Challenges in Automotive Leak Testing?

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As the technology for AV & EV vehicles continues to rapidly advance, automotive design engineers are having to re-think automotive design. “Out of the box” thinking – literally and figuratively – is the order of the day if automotive vehicles – trucks, passenger vehicles, buses, taxis and more – no longer must think first and foremost of enabling a human driver to see and navigate the road.

The challenge of leak testing for the automotive industry is geared more towards manufacturing engineers and answering the question of – How can the components used for AV & EV vehicle designs be brought to market quickly and inexpensively?

Electric & Autonomous Leak Testing Solution

The way to approach challenges that arise from electric & autonomous vehicle leak testing quickly and accurately is by using InterTech M1075 leak test technology, long perfected for assuring leak testing integrity of sealed packages. These superior instruments have unsurpassed test accuracies with optimal GR&R.

InterTech M1075 Leak Testers have proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid-state sensors at their core.

These sensors are tuned for the demanding requirements of IP67 rated products.

• Instruments are Ethernet IP capable
• On-board data logging & analysis helps meet current risk management requirements
• Barcode scanner interface capabilities assure product traceability
• An automated R&R Mode facilitates machine qualification and audit traceability

To learn more about the challenges in automotive leak testing and how the components used for AV & EV vehicle designs can be brought to the market more quickly and inexpensively, contact us today!


Leak Detector That Meets Manufacturing Functional Testing Requirements

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Manufacturing Functional Testing Challenges

Manufacturers want instrumentation designed to manage all their functional testing requirements. For high volume leak and functional testing they want instrumentation that simplifies integration with in-house networks. This includes integration to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP). Instrumentation must transfer data bi-directionally, quickly change parameters and offer full traceability.

Simplified Testing Solution

InterTech’s M-1075 is a full line of ethernet IP leak testers that is compatible for control of test cycles and transmission of test results to a PLC or a central server.

Providing seamless communication between test devices, InterTech instrumentation enables adjustment of test parameters that might rely on a prior test and allows high volume leak and functional testing. Additionally, corporate data networks can be linked for real time analysis of test results and corrective action of a process without production downtime.

The M-1075 is proudly designed to be a leak detector that meets all manufacturing functional testing requirements. Software enables the end user Lean Manufacturing, Process Performance Improvement, and Cost Improvement business transformation initiatives.

To learn more about our ethernet IP leak tester and how it is made to manage all of your high volume leak and functional testing requirements, contact the team at IDC today!


Oil and Air Testing Know-how by InterTech Dev Co.

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The Challenge

ISO 16949 quality assurance requirements, for a wide range of automotive parts such as solenoid valves, involve rigorous functional tests for engineering development, audit testing and production line testing. These automotive parts do not require just one test to assure proper function, but several. For example, many oil control valves usually include more than a dozen tests such as coil resistance, flow vs current, hysteresis, and leakage.

In some cases, hydraulic testing, usually with oil, is the best-match method to handle the wide range of functional test specifications that must be measured to acceptable Gauge R&R. In others, simpler air test methods are preferable.

Knowing which test mode to choose – air or hydraulic – requires a deep understanding of test methods, production line realities, and other application requirements.

The InterTech Solution – Some Test Process Features

Hydraulic Testing:

• Temperature controls for consistent viscosity.
• Audit testing to 150 DegC practical
• Circuit designs eliminate aeration problems.
• In-line filtration prevents test circuit contamination.

Air Testing:

• Parts remain clean and dry
• Fast and accurate testing
• Lower capital investment and tooling cost
• All results in a more competitive ROI

Unique Features

• InterTech M1075 Functional Test Instrument provides real-time test graph results of functional tests and test results with accept or reject status.
• Modular design simplifies removal, replacement or addition of standard stations for maximum flexibility
• Testing software enables remote monitoring of all assembly and test operations in real time over a factory intranet or the Internet, with advanced process control systems.
• Modular design simplifies removal, replacement or addition of standard stations for maximum flexibility.



Are Your Leak Tests Being Slowed by Long Stabilization Phases in Test Cycles?

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The InterTech Solution

InterTech’s patented mass flow sensor technology used in leak test systems combined with Ex-Heat® and FastFill® significantly reduces stabilization time and overall test cycle time for these large volume (4.5 Litre) parts to 22 seconds.

Depending on part configuration, stabilization times can be reduced up to 50%.

Showcasing leading Edge Leak Test Equipment

Superior Mass Flow Sensor Technology

Unlike generic test instruments, InterTech’s mass flow leak testers use patented sensors that are tuned to perform optimally and most sensitively within the test parameters required for testing these large volume windshield reservoirs.

InterTech’s Ex-Heat®

InterTech’s proprietary Ex-Heat® technology is used to reduce stabilization times during mass flow leak testing of these large volume parts. InterTech’s Ex-Heat® eliminates the need for cumbersome filler blocks and simplifies test system design.

InterTech FastFill®

Test times are further minimized by use of InterTech’s FastFill® test circuit designs. FastFill® is proprietary technology to introduce air quickly into the part being leak tested without creating harmful turbulence


Are Your Medical Devices Leak Proof?

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  • Have the hermetic seals, required for your medical product to remain aseptic been compromised during the manufacturing process?
  • Have manufacturing steps such as welding unwittingly introduced blockages that prevent a device from functioning as designed?
  • Are your products sufficiently leak-proof such that contaminants are kept out permanently and that sterilization steps are not undone?

Medical Leak Testing Solution

Knowing what data to collect for documentation of GMPs (good manufacturing practices) and the best test methods to gather, test, and use data it to drive efficiency for test-intensive medical device and medical product manufacture is crucial. This requires a sophisticated understanding of test methods and the latest patented technologies available for test-intensive leak and functional test methods.

Intertech offers a solution for leak testing for medical devices utilizing InterTech M1075 Leak Tester which ensures accurate leak testing for plastic medical bags of various sizes at a pressure of 35 kPa (5 psig) to detect 0.5 sccm leaks that are equivalent to leaks from a 5 micron hole.

A GR&R of less than 10%, is achieved, meeting ISO 13485 requirements.

For more information about leak testing for medical devices and how to drive efficiency in medical product manufacturing, contact us today!


IP67 Testing for Automotive Components

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IP67 testing for automotive components is mastered using InterTech’s long proven and technically superior leak test instrumentation.  InterTech’s leak test instrumentation not only utilizes advanced mass flow sensor technology tuned for sealed package leak testing requirements to meet IP67 protection requirements for AV & EV vehicles, but also superior test circuit designs with optional patented add-ons such as Ex-Heat™ for large part testing or test-circuit built-ins for high-precision temperature compensation.

Waterproofing Test Instrumentation Advantages

Users of Intertech’s test instrumentation also get the competitive advantages of streamlined leak testing for EV & AV vehicles with quickest response times, fast recovery from gross leaks (transducer saturation), testing that is independent of variations in supply pressure, and constant cycling from ambient pressure to test pressure, among other benefits.

For more information on IP67 testing for automotive components and how Intertech’s leak detector meets the requirements for AV & EV vehicles, contact us today!


Leak Testing Instrumentation Utilizing Big Data Analytics

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Many industries including Automotive and Medical Device manufacturing face a growing number of challenges and pressures. Cost pressure, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing.

At the same time, big data analytics today offer many possibilities for tackling these and many other challenges they face.

Efforts to streamline processes and optimize supply chains can be supported by examining every process component and supply chain link in detail. Big Data analytics give manufacturers this capability.

IDC offers know-how in seamless integration and innovation within the manufacturing environment in Leak Detection with its range of products, supplier management capability, and data transparency and reliability.

IDC offers industry-leading quality management solutions that include leak testing instrumentation utilizing big data analytics and a path to better quality management.

For more information about leak testing instrumentation utilizing Big Data Analytics, contact us today!



How to Speed Up Medical Equipment Leak Testing

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As the uses for plastic medical bags– long a staple of modern medical care—continue to multiply, so do the challenges. The challenge of manufacturing plastic medical bags involves remaining competitive and maintaining market share as the demand for these products grows relies on driving down costs and speeding up production lines.

Medical bags come in various sizes and configurations—some relatively large volume; some with closures that allow precise metering of pharmaceutical deliveries; all needing to be leak-proof at precise pressure conditions, usually to a very stringent standard.

Plastic Medical Bags Leak Testing Solution:

Intertech proudly offers a solution to speeding up production lines for medical equipment leak testing. Leak testing medical bags quickly and accurately is enabled by using InterTech MED 75 leak test technology. These superior MED 75 test instruments have unsurpassed test accuracies with automated R&R modes through proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid-state sensors at their core.

This medical bag testing with MED 75 technology allows direct measurement of leakage flows; accuracy & repeatability; fast response and recovery times; consistent test results that are independent of variations in line pressures; mean time between failure measured in years of operation; NIST traceability & on-site calibration.

InterTech MED 75 leak test technology

Medical Bags / Medical Applications

Medical Bags / Medical Applications

InterTech’s family of Med75 instruments are uniquely suited to meet the demanding requirements of the medical products industry.

Additional Features

  • An automated R&R Mode facilitates machine qualification and audit traceability
  • Instruments are Ethernet IP capable
  • On-board data logging & analysis helps meet current risk management requirements
  • Barcode scanner interface capabilities assure product traceability

For more information about automated R&R mode leak detectors and how to speed up the leak testing of your medical equipment, contact the team at Intertech today!


Can in-line testing be done without human operators?

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Answer: YES!

A growing number of leading global manufacturers with test-intensive assembly lines fully incorporate robots to allow for automatic and untended operations.

The Challenge

Remaining competitive in today’s global marketplace now means finding ways to fully integrate robotics into manufacturing and assembly operations. When assembly lines are robotics-ready, more reliable robots not only expedite loading and unloading of parts, but also make quicker and more accurate calibrations.

Testing automotive transfer cases are typical of applications where robotics-ready test assemblies are more competitive by eliminating both costs for human operators, and the inaccuracies in calibration testing inherent in manually loaded parts. These are products that not only need to be leak tested to assure proper operation, but also usually come in multiple configurations requiring changes in tooling.

Test-intensive assembly lines

Testing automotive transfer cases

Two test stations are designed to accommodate easy entry by the robot. An InterTech M1075 Mass Flow Leak Detector controls the testing and minimizes cycle time while meeting 10% GR&R

Key Features

  • InterTech FastFill® technology fills large volume parts faster than conventional leak testers.
  • Universal fixture eliminates downtime.
  • InterTech M1075y Leak Detector displays test data in real time.
  • Automated R&R mode facilitates scheduled machine qualification and audit traceability.
  • EtherNet/IP compatible.

InterTech’s improvements to electronic mass-flow sensing makes our technology more practical for dry air leak testing in factory environments, by maintaining high measurement accuracy across a wider range of operating conditions.

Contact IDC for application details

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