Can soft super-flexible medical products be leak tested accurately and quickly?

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The Challenge:

 Manufacturers of medical devices and products are being called upon to find new ways to help support homecare—proven to have better clinical  outcomes for many treatments and almost always preferred by patients. Today’s advanced wound care products that create negative pressure environments to accelerate healing are good examples.

These innovative specialty dressings deliver a vacuum at the wound site that helps draw wound edges together—simultaneously removing infectious materials, reducing edema and promoting the type of tissue growth that closes the wound.

To function properly, these dressings need to conform to the wound bed and maintain negative (vacuum) pressures. They must be soft and flexible to allow for easy application, yet at the same time maintain tight seals to preserve aseptic conditions.This is one of those situations where the adage “easier said then done” comes into play—until now……Read more with IDC new Design Report …


Big Data Insights in Manufacturing

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  • InterTech assists a wide range of manufacturers to identify best in-line functional test systems in the earliest stages of process development to significantly cut costs.
  • Extensive testing of your products’ functions before releasing them to the market used to be a competitive advantage.  Today this has become not just an advantage but a requirement.  End-users demand unfailing quality making pre-market release product testing a necessity.  However, testing a fully assembled product is typically a complex challenge and a costly one.  End-of-line functional testing can cost millions of dollars.  Those who instead build in-line testing into their operation – using test instruments that cost a fraction of end-of-line testing have a competitive advantage.
  • Accessing Big Data makes the competitive advantage of in-line testing even more significant.   Data-driven insights into manufacturing help identify and re-align defective processes and minimize the number of defective parts or products released to the marketplace.  Machine learning algorithms, applications, and platforms help manufacturers find new business models, fine-tune product quality, and optimize manufacturing operations to the shop floor level.  Manufacturers care most about finding new ways to grow, excel at product quality while still being able to take on short lead-time production runs from customers.,,,see IDC expertise on this engineering area….

Getting Your Test Systems Robotics Ready – An InterTech How-To Guide

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IDC White Paper:

InterTech Development Company insightful white paper, “Getting Your Test Systems Robotics Ready – An InterTech How-To Guide.” Some of the topics discussed in this white paper include: machine design for optimized robot and testing integration; parts marking and sorting; integrating robotics with test system calibrations; achieving the zero changeover time standard; using Ethernet IP communications to interface test cells with robotics; among others.

Key topics

• Optimizing Machine Design for Robotics Integration
• Parts Marking and Sorting
• Integrating Robotics with Test System Calibrations
• Achieving Zero Changeover Time Standard
• Ethernet IP robot to-from test cell communications


Will it function in the Automobile as it does in the Lab?

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  • If you are an automotive manufacturer you know that answering this question accurately is a prerequisite to releasing any automotive part to market.
  • Considering the extreme pressures and temperatures required for under the hood applications, automotive parts must be rigorously tested for proper functioning over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.  Such testing has never been a trivial matter.  The higher performance of today’s automotive parts compounds the challenges of achieving consistent GR&R in various functional tests.

The InterTech Solution:

  • InterTech Hydraulic Audit Functional Test Stands Equipped with a InterTech M1075 Functional Test Instrument  perform all tests in these varying pressure conditions and at temperatures ranging from ambient to 150°  Centigrade.   GR & R is maintained as required per ISO 16949—less than 20%

Medical Device Show 2019 California USA

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Feb 5 – 7th 2019 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West connections to stay ahead in the global medical manufacturing community. 1,900 cutting-edge suppliers showcasing the latest solutions in contract manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, automation, R&D, medical device components, materials, plastics, and more,

IDC will be there…. Booth 1987, leading edge leak detection technology………….

Key items we want to talk to you about….

  • Are Your Testing Systems Robotics Ready?
  • Talk Testing and Take in a Show
  • Make Medical Device Manufacturing History in Anaheim!
  • Clearing Up Some Leak Test Confusions
  • Operates in a wide temperature range?
    Pressures vary widely too??
  • Will membrane medical device designs leak??