Medical Device Technology – SMART drug delivery systems

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Medical Device Technology

How can manufacturing of newer generation micro-dosing smart drug delivery systems be done reliably and affordably?

Answer:  State-of-the-art testing technology assures stringent testing of a wide range of smart drug delivery systems designed for highly controlled micro-dosing……..

M1075 Leak Test Instrumentation


The InterTech Solution:

  • An InterTech leak detector detects leaks of 0.08 sccm with a total test time of 10 seconds and GR&R of less than 20% for a latest generation inflatable membrane drug delivery device.
  • The repeatability of the InterTech leak detector and fixturing assures that parts reliably meet the very low sccm reject limit.
  • Contact IDC for innovative testing solutions.

Big data, manufacturing, leak detection, advanced analysis automotive, medical device

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  • Many Manufacturing Industries including Automotive and Medical Device face a growing number of challenges and pressures. Cost pressure, competition, globalization, market shifts, and volatility are all increasing. At the same time, big data and analytics today offer previously possibilities for tackling these and many other challenges they face. Efforts to streamline processes and optimize supply chains can be supported by examining every process component and supply chain link in detail. Big Data analytics give manufacturers this capability.
  • With the right analytics, manufacturers can zero in on every segment of the production process and examine supply chains in minute detail, accounting for individual activities and tasks. This ability to narrow the focus allows manufacturers to identify bottlenecks and reveal underperforming processes and components. Big Data analytics reveal dependencies, enabling manufacturers to enhance production processes and create alternative plans to address potential pitfalls.
  • Big data brings with it many benefits. Real-time access to critical traceable configuration data provides an exceptional level of detail to quickly review for suspect parts that can help preclude equipment/system malfunctions and help eliminate the need for equipment redesign. The ability to identify and trace faulty parts to their origin proves invaluable.


  • IDC offers know how in seamless integration and innovation within the manufacturing environment in Leak Detection with its range of products, supplier management capability, and data transparency and reliability.  IDC offers industry-leading quality management solutions that enables Big Data analysis and a path to better quality management.

Leak Testing Trends – Technology Updates

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For a broad range of automotive, medical and other products, leak testing requirements before products are released to the marketplace have not changed. What has changed in recent years is several new technologies—some related to data handling and the Industrial Internet of Things and others relating to test techniques—that now change the calculus of determining best-match solutions for leak testing.  In this article we will do a quick review of pressure decay and mass flow leak testing methods, and then explore the new technologies impacting decisions on how to best configure leak test systems. Contact IDC……..

Key Insights include:

  • Pressure Decay Testing vs. Mass Flow Testing
  • Updates to Mass Flow Test Methods
  • Customized Sensor Technology
  • Patented Innovations for Large Part Testing
  • Methods for Early Pass/Fail
  • Robotics and Calibrations
  • Harnessing IoT Benefits

Medical Device Updates

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  • Manufacturers of medical devices and products are called upon to find new ways to help support homecare—proven to have better clinical outcomes for many treatments and almost always preferred by patients. Today’s advanced wound care products that create negative pressure environments to accelerate healing are good examples. These innovative specialty dressings deliver a vacuum at the wound site that helps draw wound edges together—simultaneously removing infectious materials, reducing edema and promoting the type of tissue growth that closes the wound.
  • To function properly, these dressings need to conform to the wound bed and maintain negative (vacuum) pressures. They must be soft and flexible to allow for easy application, yet at the same time maintain tight seals to preserve aseptic conditions.
  • This is one of those situations where the adage “easier said then done” comes into play—until now………contact IDC for detailed specifcations and insights….

IDC Expo Updates Wuhan China May 2019

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Wuhan full-vehicle and component testing and validation technologies and services show!

If you need to reduce development time, increase quality and decrease product failures, you need to attend Wuhan Testing Expo!

The event is one of China’s vehicle and component testing and validation technology and services exhibition.  The expo will cover all the important topics of automotive industry such as automotive electronics, connected car, EV&HEV, lightweight (auto materials), auto test, autonomous driving etc., and will attract more than 500 global top industry companies to show the latest technologies and products for automotive industry

Visit IDC in China at this leading edge show.