Does state of the art leak testing impact today’s clinical outcomes?

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  • Fail-safe systems for delivery of new and ever more expensive oncology drugs, infusion therapies, and even long-established methods for blood transfusions and more all rely on leak-proof plastic medical bags.


  • These staples of clinical treatments now also need to be durable for homecare uses. Because they come in various sizes and configurations -some relatively large volume; some with closures that allow precise metering of pharmaceutical deliveries; but all needing to be leak-proof at precise pressure conditions—they require versatile by consistently high-precision leak test methods and instruments.


  •  Contact InterTech Development Company on how its superior Leak Test Instruments are being deployed and driving down costs in this fast-growing proliferation of applications for medical plastic bags.

Electric Vehicle (EV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Testing

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Question – Isn’t leak testing irrelevant for near future AV EV models?

Answer: Leak Testing is More Critical Than Ever for New AV EV models!

  •  Will the electronic controls in AV EV models be failsafe?
  •  Will radar systems maintain integrity for the life of the vehicle?
  •  Will cameras maintain optimal visibility over the vehicle’s lifetime?

These may be relatively new questions for most automakers to grapple with but they are issues that InterTech’s Test Engineering Specialists have grappled with and perfected solutions in past decades for a wide range of applications – testing seals around underwater cameras, to protecting laparoscopic surgical instruments, to protecting electronic controls in outdoor applications.


IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Expo Chicago

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The recent ASSEMBLY Show Oct 2019 provided a Leak Testing driven content by IDC as suppliers’ buyers and users explored new Leak Testing techniques, products and services and in doing so help them learn, share and explore all things regarding Leak Detection methodologies.

The Show attracted a significant amount of visitors who engaged in a very positive manner when visiting our Exhibition Stand in a range of leak testing requirements and applications.

Showcasing leading Edge Leak Test Equipment

Leak Testing Technology

IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Show included:

  • Leading Edge EV and AV Testing Technologies and Innovations to improve test times accuracy and reduce testing costs
  • Innovations for Large Volume Part Leak Testing—InterTech Ex-Heat®.
  • Demonstrations of State of Art InterTech Test Instruments for Medical Device Testing
  • InterTech Lean Test® for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs

ISO 14971 Compliance – Dry Air Leak Testing

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Demanding medical device leak standards — where leaks as small as 0.71 microns come into play have traditionally been handled by tracer gas-based leak test instruments. These machines are relatively costly that encumber operations with unnecessary costs and drags on production lines.

InterTech is now working with a growing number of global medical device manufacturers to ensure ISO 14971 compliance using InterTech’s patented mass flow dry air leak testing technology to reduce test times and testing costs.

Contact IDC to ensure your ISO 14971 compliance with dry air leak testing.