Big Data Insights in Manufacturing

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  • InterTech assists a wide range of manufacturers to identify best in-line functional test systems in the earliest stages of process development to significantly cut costs.
  • Extensive testing of your products’ functions before releasing them to the market used to be a competitive advantage.  Today this has become not just an advantage but a requirement.  End-users demand unfailing quality making pre-market release product testing a necessity.  However, testing a fully assembled product is typically a complex challenge and a costly one.  End-of-line functional testing can cost millions of dollars.  Those who instead build in-line testing into their operation – using test instruments that cost a fraction of end-of-line testing have a competitive advantage.
  • Accessing Big Data makes the competitive advantage of in-line testing even more significant.   Data-driven insights into manufacturing help identify and re-align defective processes and minimize the number of defective parts or products released to the marketplace.  Machine learning algorithms, applications, and platforms help manufacturers find new business models, fine-tune product quality, and optimize manufacturing operations to the shop floor level.  Manufacturers care most about finding new ways to grow, excel at product quality while still being able to take on short lead-time production runs from customers.,,,see IDC expertise on this engineering area….
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