Getting Your Test Systems Robotics Ready – An InterTech How-To Guide

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IDC White Paper:

InterTech Development Company insightful white paper, “Getting Your Test Systems Robotics Ready – An InterTech How-To Guide.” Some of the topics discussed in this white paper include: machine design for optimized robot and testing integration; parts marking and sorting; integrating robotics with test system calibrations; achieving the zero changeover time standard; using Ethernet IP communications to interface test cells with robotics; among others.

Key topics

• Optimizing Machine Design for Robotics Integration
• Parts Marking and Sorting
• Integrating Robotics with Test System Calibrations
• Achieving Zero Changeover Time Standard
• Ethernet IP robot to-from test cell communications


Will it function in the Automobile as it does in the Lab?

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  • If you are an automotive manufacturer you know that answering this question accurately is a prerequisite to releasing any automotive part to market.
  • Considering the extreme pressures and temperatures required for under the hood applications, automotive parts must be rigorously tested for proper functioning over a wide range of temperatures and pressures.  Such testing has never been a trivial matter.  The higher performance of today’s automotive parts compounds the challenges of achieving consistent GR&R in various functional tests.

The InterTech Solution:

  • InterTech Hydraulic Audit Functional Test Stands Equipped with a InterTech M1075 Functional Test Instrument  perform all tests in these varying pressure conditions and at temperatures ranging from ambient to 150°  Centigrade.   GR & R is maintained as required per ISO 16949—less than 20%

Medical Device Show 2019 California USA

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Feb 5 – 7th 2019 Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West connections to stay ahead in the global medical manufacturing community. 1,900 cutting-edge suppliers showcasing the latest solutions in contract manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, automation, R&D, medical device components, materials, plastics, and more,

IDC will be there…. Booth 1987, leading edge leak detection technology………….

Key items we want to talk to you about….

  • Are Your Testing Systems Robotics Ready?
  • Talk Testing and Take in a Show
  • Make Medical Device Manufacturing History in Anaheim!
  • Clearing Up Some Leak Test Confusions
  • Operates in a wide temperature range?
    Pressures vary widely too??
  • Will membrane medical device designs leak??
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