The Challenge of Leak Testing AV & EV Technology in the Automotive Industry

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The Challenge

As AV & EV technology rapidly advances, automotive design engineers are having to re-think automotive design. “Out of the box” thinking – literally and figuratively – is the order of the day if automotive vehicles – trucks, passenger vehicles, buses , taxis and more – no longer have to think first and foremost of enabling a human driver to see and navigate the road.

The challenge is more for manufacturing engineers – How can the components used for AV components & EV vehicle designs be brought to market quickly and inexpensively?

Test Process and Solution

Leak testing EV & AV components quickly and accurately is enabled by using InterTech M1075 leak test technology, long perfected for assuring integrity of sealed packages. These superior instruments have unsurpassed test accuracies with optimal GR&R.

InterTech M1075 Leak Testers have proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid state sensors at their core.

These sensors are tuned for the demanding requirements of IP67 rated products.

• Instruments are Ethernet IP capable
• On-board data logging & analysis helps meet current risk management requirements
• Barcode scanner interface capabilities assures product traceability
• An automated R&R Mode facilitates machine qualification and audit traceability

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