Non-destructive fast IP67 leak testing

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It is often confusing for an engineer to know what type of rating they need to look for when they desire to have a “waterproof” enclosure as there is a big difference between waterproof, water resistant, and other descriptive but not specific labels / requirements.

The Ingress Protections (IP) rating system is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Users of InterTech’s test instrumentation get the competitive advantages of streamlined leak testing for various user product types with quickest response times, fast recovery from gross leaks (transducer saturation), testing that is independent of variations in supply pressure, and constant cycling from ambient pressure to test pressure, among other benefits.

For more information on IP67 testing (and other IP ratings) for automotive, medical and industrial components and how InterTech’s leak detectors meet stringent leak testing specification requirements contact us!


Today’s Insights. Tomorrow’s Technologies – MDM Show February Anaheim 2020

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The MD&M West conference and exposition continued its growth trajectory as the show turned 35 this year.

At the 2020 Medical Design & Manufacturing expo IDC and many most innovative suppliers were on hand to demonstrate the latest ground-breaking technologies and comprehensive selection of products.

Speeding Medical Devices to Market.

InterTech’s Med75 instrument on display showing it’s flexibly in adapting to the testing requirements of various medical devices with configurations for: leak and flow; a combination of pressure decay and mass flow leak detection; and leak and flow tests for catheters and many med-devices!


Leak Testing Trends: Technology Updates – Article

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For a broad range of automotive, medical and other products, leak testing requirements before products are released to the marketplace have not changed. What has changed in recent years is several new technologies—some related to data handling and the Industrial Internet of Things and others relating to test techniques—that now change the calculus of determining best-match solutions for leak testing.

Test-intensive assembly lines

Testing automotive transfer cases

In this article we will do a quick review of pressure decay and mass flow leak testing methods, and then explore the new technologies impacting decisions on how to best configure leak test systems including integrated robotics.

Key Insights include:

  • Pressure Decay Testing vs. Mass Flow Testing
  • Updates to Mass Flow Test Methods
  • Customized Sensor Technology
  • Patented Innovations for Large Part Testing
  • Methods for Early Pass/Fail
  • Robotics and Calibrations
  • Harnessing IoT Benefits

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