Can superior dry air leak testing be used to accelerate manufacture of critically needed superfast COVID-19 diagnostic instruments?

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InterTech Superior mass flow Med75 Leak Detectors not only speed test cycles by 90%, but also eliminate the errors (both false positives and false negatives) inherent in previously used pressure decay testing methods.

Benefits include the manufacture of critically needed rapid COVID-19 diagnostic instruments is tripled.

InterTech’s pandemic rapid response test engineering team more than halved time to market for this turnkey solution to the challenges of high throughput manufacture of fast clinical diagnostic instruments.

Each InterTech M1075-y Test Instrument holds up to 40 million test results on board, storing up to 99 different part programs.

Instruments are 21CFR Part 11 compliant.


Are you part of the COVID-19 solution or considering ways to re-purpose your plant to help us meet the pandemic challenge?

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InterTech Development Company’s superior MED75 Leak Detectors test critical components of COVID- 19 diagnostic instruments to critical leak rates.

InterTech MED75 cuts test cycle time by 90%– a dramatic savings made possible by InterTech’s superior and patented mass flow sensors, test circuit designs and unique test fixture solutions. Med75 Leak tester

A leading manufacturer of COVID-19 rapid testing systems is able to triple production to help meet the demands of this global emergency—and do so with a savings of more than US$ 3 million.

InterTech’s test engineering specialists—arguably the most experienced leak and functional test experts in the world—fast-tracked both engineering this solution and mobilizing the supply chain required to bring this high speed manufacturing system for COVID-19 diagnostic instruments in a matter of weeks.