How can soft super-flexible medical products be leak tested accurately and quickly?

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It’s a given that manufacturers of medical devices and products are more than ever called upon to find new ways to help support homecare ; advanced wound care products that create negative pressure environments to accelerate healing are good examples.

These innovative specialty dressings deliver a vacuum at the wound site that helps draw wound edges together and in doing so removing infectious materials, reducing edema and promoting the type of tissue growth that closes the wound.

M1075 Leak Test Instrumentation

To function properly, these dressings need to conform to the wound bed and maintain negative (vacuum) pressures.
How to test these products is a big ask in a manufacturing environment given the production and quality requirements required.

High Speed Leak Testing

InterTech’s family of Med75 instruments are uniquely suited to meet the demanding requirements of the medical products industry.

Some key means to demanding Medical Device Industry requirements are provided and more by this Instrument and Fixturing that delivers:

• Proprietary leak test circuit designs incorporating patented mass flow solid state sensors at their core
• An automated R&R Mode facilitates machine qualification and audit traceability
• Instruments that are Ethernet IP capable and incorporate latest Industry Standards
• On-board data logging & analysis helps meet current risk management requirements
• Barcode scanner interface capabilities assures product traceability

And application knowledge….

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