InterTech’s unsurpassed patented test technologies

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ASTM F2338 and ASTM F3287-compatible InterTech systems – testing down to single digit microliters per minute – are fast becoming a proven boon to new product development for a wide range of global life science product innovators.

InterTech’s patented MicroScale leak test technology eliminates the errors (both false positives and false negatives) inherent in previously used pressure testing methods.

Time-to-market for high throughput manufacture of fast clinical testing instruments is reduced by 50%.

Product quality traceability is assured by deterministic test technology that eliminates potential for lapses in operator judgement over entire product lifecycle.

GMP implementation is built in to all InterTech solutions – cutting waste and losses, as well as protecting medical manufacturers, drug processors and end-user patients from any negative product safety events.


InterTech Superior MicroScale Leak Testing – Biomed Application

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Recent history has shown that global leaders in biomed product manufacture are often gaining market share because they have used the same superior InterTech MicroScale Leak Test technologies long proven in other industries, such as high-precisions automotive components.

By doing so, these best-in-class biomed product manufacturers accelerate their time-to-market for a wide range of medical products requiring superior microleak testing.

These turnkey microleak testing solutions – for both in-line testing and audit testing – have at their core InterTech’s unsurpassed patented test technologies– superior mass flow test sensors, pressure decay test sensor designs, and unique test fixtures.


Manufacturers of the valves, regulators and related components

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The Challenge:

How much pressure?  Manufacturers of the valves, regulators and related components needed in these processes must assure that pressures sometimes in excess of 1000 bars are well within the functional range of their products.

Consider the skyrocketing growth of high pressure fuel injection, both Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Diesel Common Rail Fuel systems. Once limited to high performance vehicles only, GDI is now relatively lower cost, and utilized even in the smallest commercial gasoline engines.

Whether it’s GDI vehicles or other applications, functionality hinges on being able to operate in a high-pressure environment safely.

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Working Under Pressure…Without Fail!

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  • High-yield methanol production…
  • Food sterilization…
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells…
  • Diesel and Gasoline Fuel Injection…

An extensive array of industries —renewable energy, automotive, chemical processing and more — have production applications that hinge on creating and maintaining high-pressure operating conditions.

These high-pressure industrial processes all have a need for valves and regulators that will work reliably and repeatedly in extreme conditions.

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