Built-In GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

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Built-In GMP

GMP implementation is built in to all InterTech solutions—cutting waste and losses, as well as protecting medical manufacturers, drug processors and end-user patients from any negative product safety events.

  • Product quality traceability is assured by deterministic test technology that eliminates potential for lapses in human operator judgements over entire product lifecycle.
  • 21 CFR 11 data requirements are built into all InterTech test instruments and testing solutions.

    Microleak testing technology

  •  EtherNet/IP capability of test instruments allows seamless integration of test data in to all quality assurance systems.
  • InterTech’s patented test technology eliminates the errors (both false positives and false negatives) inherent in previously used pressure testing methods.
  • Online access to test instruments and all test cell controls enables remote machine acceptance and installation supervision, required by pandemic safety considerations.
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