Plug and Play Leak Testing-Taking “User-Friendly” to the Next Level

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Commercial vehicles, fluid power equipment, HVAC component parts and more, must meet the most stringent leak-proof standards without encumbering either product development or manufacturing lines with added costs or time requirements.

Any drag on production line efficiencies by cumbersome testing equipment requiring elaborate and complex set-up routines is particularly incompatible with creating flexible manufacturing processes.


Meet the InterTech Universal Leak Tester™ — the world’s first plug and play high accuracy leak test instrument that requires no operator input for set up — fully automating the test pressure selection and optimizing the test cycle.

The InterTech Universal Leak Tester is made possible by InterTech’s new and proprietary pressure control that eliminates test pressure fluctuations combined with test algorithms that optimize fill-stabilize times.  These two innovations result in stable measurements with significantly shorter test cycles.

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