Crank Case Leak Test Equipment

Machined iron castings are mass flow leak tested at a rate of 60 pph.
A turnkey system designed and built by InterTech

Crank Case Leak Test System


Crank Case Parts


    • The InterTech M-1075Y Mass Flow Leak Detector controls both the test cycle and the machine operation.
    • The oil passage and main cavity are sequentially tested to a 2.5 sccm limit at 1.5 bar.
    • Only accepted parts are automatically marked.
    • InterTech PowerClamps individually clamp each bolt point to simulate mounting conditions.


    • Speed: Mass flow leak detection technology permits the fast and accurate testing of large volume parts. Quick pass testing accelerates accept/reject decisions.
    • Cost Effective: Using the M-1075Y for machine control eliminates the need for a PLC, additional wiring and enclosures.

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