Electronic Control Module (ECM) Leak Testing Equipment

Sealed Package Test System

A two-step test cycle checks each Electronic Control Module for gross leakage

Sealed Package Test Fixture and Part


The Challenge

Sensors and control modules in engines and transmissions use sensitive electronic components that must be shielded from harsh ā€˜under the hoodā€™ conditions. The integrity of the housing is critical and requires thorough production testing while minimizing testing costs.

Test Process and Solutions

InterTech Development Companyā€™s state-of-the-art Sealed Package Test System consists of an InterTech M-1075Y Leak Detector, a test chamber, and a barcode scanner. The M-1075Y controls the test cycle and interfaces with both the scanner and the customer data highway/communications setup.

The test proceeds at a rate of 102 parts per hour:

  1. The operator places the part into the chamber nest and lowers the cover.
  2. The operator presses the start button on the touch screen display to initiate a bar code scan.
  3. The customerā€™s server is queried and the leak test cycle starts. A vacuum is applied to the test chamber from a controlled pressure source. If the final pressure is not within acceptable limits the part has a gross leak and the test ends.

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