Fuel Filter Leak Test Equipment

Filters are leak tested and acceptance marked at a rate of 138 parts per hour.

Fuel Filter Test Stand and Parts
Leak Detection System



    • An InterTech M-1075 Mass Flow Leak Detector controls the leak test cycle.
    • Parts are tested to a 0.25 sccm limit at 6 bar. 3 different part configurations are accommodated.
    • Parts are automatically marked, unloaded and diverted to either an accept conveyor or a reject bin.


    • Measurement Capabilities: Test R&R meets ISO9001 requirements.
    • Speed: Patented downstream mass flow leak detection technology permits the fast and accurate testing of coolers using temperature compensation within 5°C of ambient.
    • Flexibility: Quick-change fixturing adapts to short run production schedules.
    • Reliability: Proven InterTech leak test instrumentation and fixture designs ensure production efficiencies. Patented bias leak technology assures failsafe operation of the test stand.

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