Automatic Compressor Helium Leak Test System

Test Stand automatically leak tests and sorts a family of compressors at a rate of 240 pph

Helium Leak Detection System



In helium leak testing, a test part is pressurized with a helium/air mixture in a test chamber. The test chamber is then evacuated so that helium is allowed to pass through any leakage points in the surrounding vacuum.

Mass spectrometer sampling of the helium in the vacuum chamber is carried out, and leaks as low as 10-6 sccs can be detected.


    • Helium leak tested to a 5 x 10-5 sccs accept/reject level at 180 psig (30% helium/air mix).
    • InterTech M-1045 Vacuum Leak Detector controls the gross leak test.
    • Charge block attach and detach operations are automatic.
    • Reject parts are automatically diverted to a repair line and retested after repair.
    • Test data is tracked and sorted for each tested part.

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