Leak Testing Equipment for Radiator O Rings and Gaskets

A selection of automotive radiators are gauged and leak tested for O Rings and Gaskets incorporating both vacuum and positive pressure methods.

Radiator Leak Detection System under Vacuum and Positive Pressure Leak Test Conditions
    • The flexible fixturing in this application accommodates a customer requirement to test 14 different radiator models – radiators are gauge checked to ensure dimensional accuracy.
    • The parts are maintained under a vacuum of 60cm Hg for 15 seconds prior to leak testing.
    • Leak testing occurs under vacuum and positive pressure conditions to an adjustable limit from 2 to 5 sccm. InterTech has the expertise to manage flexible part movements and inherent part dynamics through unique leak detection and fixture design expertise.
    • The outlet fitting is checked for presence of flash and the over flow port for blockage.

The application also features temperature compensation which permits the production testing of warm parts over a range of +/- 15 deg F.