Cylinder Valve Leak Testing Equipment

High-Pressure Gas Test Stand

A range of cylinder valves is leak tested at a rate of 106 pph at two independent stations.
A turnkey system designed and built by InterTech

Cylinder Valve Leak Detection System and Parts



    • Two InterTech M1075 Mass Flow Instruments control the leak and flow test cycles.
    • Valves are tested in the open and closed positions to limits of 1.67 sccm and 0.17 sccm respectively.
    • Valves are automatically actuated and the operating torque is monitored.


    • Accuracy: InterTech’s unique leak test technology provides accurate and repeatable test results at high pressures.
    • Failsafe Operation: InterTech’s patented Bias Leak method confirms the integrity of the test chamber seals at the start of each test cycle without sacrificing cycle time and ensuring test integrity.
    • Measurement Capability: Downstream technique avoids pressure stabilizing delays for increased speed while meeting ISO9001 R&R requirements.
    • Reduced Operating Expenses: Testing with air instead of helium at low leak rates keeps maintenance and operating costs down.