Functional Testing Equipment for Pressure Switch Manufacturing

InterTech’s functional test systems deliver maximum efficiency for either 100% test production lines or in the laboratory to meet audit requirements.

Pressure Switch Functional Test System and Fixture



Calibration Sequence:
    • The switch is pressurized to a set-point pressure (0.5 psig. to 150 psig.).
    • A servo ramps up to compress the adjustment spring.
    • When the PLC senses the pressure switch transition, the servo reverses motion.
    • The servo stops when the transition is sensed again and the switch is vented.
Functional Test Sequence:
    • The switch is pressurized to a defined value, either above or below the set-point.
    • The functional test data is written to the Access database file.
    • If the pressure switch transition is within tolerance, the part is vented and unclamped.
    • A reject remains clamped until the operator presses the reset button. The MMI provides a real time display of test cycles, test data, statistics and machine status.
    • Barcode input prior to cycling is used to automatically verify part configuration, call up test parameters and store test data by serial number.

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