InterTech’s CALVAL Mass Flow Leak Detector

Automatic Calibration Transfer Standard

An automatic calibration transfer standard and validation are provided for leak testing. The unit features an adjustable flow range from 0.01 to 2.00 sccm and is NIST traceable. CALVAL does not require an operator and eliminates production delays for off-line mechanical calibration.

Test Technology and Operation

The InterTech M-1075z-CALVAL Mass Flow Leak Detector (CALVAL leak test instrument) features automatic calibration and validation in the range of 0.01 to 2.00 sccm at pressures up to 10 bar (downstream) and up to 5 bar (upstream).

    • A menu-driven sequence results in the independent calibration of instrument zero and span. True mass flow leak test technology compensated for temperature and pressure up to 5 bar max.
    • The leak rate is easily adjusted by varying the setting of the M-1075CALVAL instrument
    • No operator required – the CALVAL is a self-contained, electronically controlled transfer standard
    • The CALVAL mass flow leak tester is fail-safe and is easily calibrated using a certified InterTech CM-15/CM-25 CalMasterĀ®
    • The M-1075CALVAL instrument can be either manually or automatically isolated for system and/or instrument validation
Available Operating Modes
    • Calibration mode – adjusts the span of the instrument calibration from the output flow of the CALVAL
    • Validation mode – verifies the flow measurement of either the instrument or test system
    • Calibration Range: 0.01 – 2.00 sccm up to 10 bar downstream, and up to 5 bar upstream
    • Calibration Accuracy: Traceable to a 0.8% primary standard
    • Repeatability: 0.05% of Full Scale
    • Operation: 2 seconds minimum test time required