Data Storage and Communications Capability

InterTech’s Leak Detectors include two USB Ports for storing test records to an integrated thumb drive.

Easy to Read Prompt Display Screen
    • Up to (4,000,000) test records are stored in a buffer and include: Part number, part name, date, time, test value, pass/fail status
    • Buffer records, counts, and statistics:
      Recorded on demand
      Cleared on-demand or automatically on part changeover
      Viewed on the count display (not records)
    • Individual test records are automatically transferred to the Com1 RS232 port at the end of each test, and can also be printed (user-selectable) at that time.
    • Bi-directional communications interface with InterTech’s S-3085 monitoring software or a customer network
    • Barcode reader interface
    • Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, or CANbus interface options