InterTech’s Leak Detectors feature Gage R&R Capability

Calibration is NIST traceable using a transfer standard
such as the InterTech CalMasterĀ® which can be connected to a panel mounted calibration port.

A Menu Driven Sequence Results in the Independent Calibration of Instrument Zero And Span.

Gage R and R Screen Displays Part, Equipment and Appraiser Variations


    • Gauge R&R screen display of test records, automatically calculates R&R percentages based on the number of trials.

Test records / R&R studies in a pdf format for example can be saved to a USB Thumb-drive

    • During leak testing, the end-user can establish the stability of a computerized leak testing system by repeating calibration and recording any variations in calibration results. InterTech’s patented technology provides the most accurate calibration method possible for leak testing instruments.