Leak Testing System for Sleep Apnea Equipment

Four station back pressure test dial for testing medical parts at a rate of 270 pph.

Medical Sleep Apnea Equipment Leak Testing System

Next Generation Sleep Apnea Treatment Leak Test Equipment

Test Features

    • Four position dial plate with stainless steel test nests.
    • The dial has a service position to allow for ease of maintaining and replacing test tooling components.
    • Test tooling on the dial plate and fixtures are designed to accommodate future interchangeable tooling.
    • 3 different sleep apnea treatment part variations can be tested.


    • InterTech dual-channel MED75 model controls leak testing cycle – each test channel is independent in operation with individual flow transducers, pressure regulators, valves, and calibration ports.
    • Proven InterTech leak test instrumentation and fixture designs ensure production and quality efficiencies.
    • A checker camera detects part present and part orientation.
    • Test rate of 277 parts per hour.
    • Reject lockbox with part detect sensor.

To reach an InterTech Applications engineer regarding sleep apnea leak testing systems, call 847-679-3377 x250 or CLICK HERE