Blood Collection Bag Leak Detector

Blood collection bags are leak tested to a 3.5 sccm limit at 10 psig at a rate of 180 pph.

Blood Collection Bag in place on Leak Testing Equipment

Medical Fluid Bag Leak Testing Equipment Features

  • Testing is fast requiring only 7 seconds.
  • Medical bags are restrained during the test cycle.
  • An InterTech Leak Detector and Sequencer control the test cycle and machine operation.
  • Blood collection bags are mass flow leak tested to a 3.5 sccm limit at 10 psig at a rate of 180 pph.

Medical Fluid Bag Leak Testing Equipment Benefits

  • Design capability: An array of medical products; blood collection kits, tubing, respiratory products, catheters have “leak-proof” requirements. Given FDA compliance rules on manufacturing processes, the question arises as to just how “leak-proof” a particular medical product design is. InterTech has expertise in understanding and managing many of the factors that can undermine leak testing integrity via methods such as fail-safe leak testing.
  • Ergonomics: The machine is designed for ease of operator handling.
  • Cost-Effective: Standard design and modular construction result in a low-cost solution implemented to meet tight customer delivery requirements.
  • SPC Capabilities: Test results may be transmitted through various industry-accepted communication channels.

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