Blood Collection Kit Leak Detection System

In-Line Leak Test with Superior Mass Flow Leak Test Technology

Blood collection kits are tested to a 1.0 sccm limit at 10 psig at a rate of 60 pph.

Blood Collection Kit Leak Tester Stand and Part with Transfer Pallet


  • InterTech uses superior flow sensors and customized components in its test instruments.
  • An InterTech designed and built test-station locates, clamps, and seals parts on transfer pallets.
  • The InterTech M-1035 Mass Flow Leak Detector controls the 40-second test cycle.


  • Speed: Mass flow leak detection technology permits the fast and accurate testing of large volume parts. Quick pass testing accelerates accept/reject decisions.
  • Accuracy: 15% GR&R achieved on large volume, flexible plastic components.

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