Drainage Bag Leak Tester Equipment

Medical Product Test Stand for Drainage System Components

Large volume, 12-liter liner bags, are leak tested at a rate of 120 pph.
A turnkey system designed and built by InterTech

Medical Drainage Bag Leak Detection Test System

Leak Test Features

  • Three independent stations cycle at a rate of 40 pph. to leak test bags to 8.5 sccm limit at 6 psig.
  • The InterTech M-1075Y Mass Flow Leak Detector controls the test cycle.
  • Fixturing is designed to accommodate and restrict drainage bag expansion without masking potential leaks.
  • All drainage bag test materials and components are cleanroom compatible.


  • USB port and Ethernet connections provide ready access to data in real-time and for data storage.
  • Test R&R meets stringent medical quality standards

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