Oxygen Delivery Functionality Tester Equipment

Superior Electronic Calibration and Functional Test Application

Demand Oxygen Delivery System Parts are tested at a rate of 18 parts per hour

Oxygen Delivery System Functional Test Equipment

Medical device manufacturers know that Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and FDA compliance mean that you cannot cut corners to ensure the clinical safety and reliability of medical devices.
The triggering sensitivity of demand oxygen delivery systems is critical to the functionality of this type of medical device. Previous technology relied on failure-prone mechanical valves to create required vacuum levels resulting in compromised response times and reliability.
InterTech’s design and implementation of an electronic calibration oxygen delivery leak testing system enable calibration and functional testing of this medical device in a unique and innovative manner. Vacuum levels are precisely calibrated to preclude both false triggering and difficulty in triggering so that patients’ breathing is in sync with normal respiratory cycles.

Calibration includes:

  • Sensitivity Calibration: monitoring the pulse volume while adjusting the sensitivity potentiometer.
  • Manifold Calibration: monitoring the pulse volume while the flow is manually adjusted.
  • Auto triggering test: ensures that the device does not trigger unintentionally.
  • Pulse verification test: checks all pulse settings to meet required volume limits.
  • Continuous flow test: user-adjustable, customer specified operating flow range, 1.8 – 2.2 lpm typical.
  • Low battery test: check sensitivity and pulse volume are within customer specified limits, 13 – 80 ml/pulse typical.

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