Ventilator Leak Detection System

Leak Testing with Superior Mass Flow Leak Test Technology

Med75 Leak tester

An InterTech M1075-y Leak Tester uses patented mass flow sensors combined with superior test circuitry.

Compared to pressure decay testers, InterTech’s ventilator analyzers decrease test cycle times by 30%+. In many applications with more stringent testing requirements—e.g. filter products requiring leak rates no larger than 0.5 sccm—InterTech mass flow test instruments are able to detect leaks that some competitors’ products cannot detect.

Benefits of M1075 Testing Technology on Medical Devices

  • Speed: A leading global manufacturer of medical filtration products uses an InterTech M1075 test instrument to speed testing by 29%, such that they are able to run an additional assembly line verification test without creating a production line bottleneck.
  • Cost: A medical equipment manufacturer facing a volume spike is able to avoid the capital equipment costs of adding entirely new test stations by instead using two InterTech M1075-y test instruments at a fraction of the cost [/arrow_list]For more information on our ventilator leak testers, respirator analyzers, ventilator analyzers, and other medical solutions, contact that team at Intertech Development Company.

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