IDC Patents

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Leading companies worldwide depend on InterTech to ensure that their products meet the performance standards dictated by the demands for high quality.

  • Leading Edge Technology, In-depth Experience
  • Turnkey, Single Source Capabilities
  • Advanced Mass Flow Sensor
  • Simple, Convenient Electronic Calibration
  • Bias Flow Leak Testing
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatic Extending Clamp
  • Automated Calibration Validation
  • Hydraulic Fluid / Dry Air Testing

Key Technology Insights in new IDC brochure regarding Patents

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Key Technology Insights in new IDC brochure regarding Patents – IDC presents new insights / Knowledge into key technology offerings.

  •  Advanced Mass Flow Sensor – IDC improvements to electronic mass-flow sensing made the technology more practical for dry air leak testing in factory environments by maintaining high measurement accuracy across a wider range of operating conditions.
  • Simple, convenient electronic calibration
  • Bias flow leak testing – IDC accuracy sharpening testing with a known preliminary airflow that confirms a leak tight chamber seal or sets a known leak reference.
  • Hydraulic Fluid / dry air testing
  • Hydraulic / pneumatic extending clamp
  • Automated calibration validation – CalVal technology is a unique electronic departure from convention airflow measurement methods performing calibration and validation sequences on exactly the same test circuit used in production testing.

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