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  • Manufacturers of medical devices and products are called upon to find new ways to help support homecare—proven to have better clinical outcomes for many treatments and almost always preferred by patients. Today’s advanced wound care products that create negative pressure environments to accelerate healing are good examples. These innovative specialty dressings deliver a vacuum at the wound site that helps draw wound edges together—simultaneously removing infectious materials, reducing edema and promoting the type of tissue growth that closes the wound.
  • To function properly, these dressings need to conform to the wound bed and maintain negative (vacuum) pressures. They must be soft and flexible to allow for easy application, yet at the same time maintain tight seals to preserve aseptic conditions.
  • This is one of those situations where the adage “easier said then done” comes into play—until now………contact IDC for detailed specifcations and insights….

InterTech Single Station Bench Top Leak Test System For Testing Oil Filter Adapters

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Single Station Bench-Top Leak Test System for Testing Oil Filter Adapters

idc single station bench top leak test system for oil filter adapter

idc single station bench top leak test system for oil filter adapter

Mass flow leak testing (using M1075y) provides a quick and direct measurement.

Five different filter variations can be tested as the clamp is designed to support interchangeable clamp springs designed for a specific filter adapter.Gage R&R meets automotive requirements of less than 20%.

Test specifications required;

  • Test Pressure: 6 bar
  • Accept/Reject Limit: 5.0 sccm
  • Test Time: 25 seconds approximate

Model Changeover: 5 different filter variations can be tested


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