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Pandemic related products such as ventilators, respirators and clinical testing machines must be brought to market quickly.

The requirements to assure functionality and integrity of these medical products is in many aspects quite similar to those historically faced by the automotive manufacturers who are newly entering these markets.
For example, leak-proof filtration systems are critical to both many automotive and medical parts.

If manufacturers make the wrong sourcing decisions when creating new product assembly lines for ventilators and similar, they will inevitably encumber their products with higher price tags, or create testing bottlenecks on production, or both.

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How can production line testing safeguard reliability and lifetime performance of electronics components?

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The Challenge

• Smart Phones
• Medical Wearables & disposables
• Cameras for AV applications
• Radar/Lidar Enclosures
• And more…

These and similar electronics-based products can only be reliable if and when they are able to withstand dirt and water. Specifically, these electronics-based components must all meet or exceed IP67 ingress ratings.

That means they must be totally protected against dust and protected against the ingress of water in a harmful quantity after immersion in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Without proper IP 67 testing of sealed enclosure integrity, the lifespan and performance of a fast growing array of consumer and industrial electronics components cannot be assured.

InterTech M1075 – for unsurpassed leak testing speed and accuracy - using Mass Flow, Pressure Decay & Differential Pressure Testing

The Solution

An InterTech M1075 leak detector is used for fast and accurate testing to meet IP67 requirements. InterTech test technology automatically compensates for external changes such as temperature, and a unique test-centric design assures gage accuracy.

Mass flow leak testing with the InterTech M1075 is non-destructive, clean and easily handles specifications of 0.5 sccm at pressure of 0.2 to 0.3 bar with fast test times. Because it effectively checks for gross leaks prior to fine leak testing absolute reliability is ensured.

For example, a battery enclosure and valve are leak tested for IP 67 compliance at a rate of 120 parts per hour. In another application, Electronic Control Modules are tested in a two-step process – first for gross leakage, followed by a fine leakage test to 0.6 sccm limit and 10% Gage R&R.

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