Drug and device combination product (DDCP)

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Mechanical and chemical testing are needed to bring complex drug-delivery products and other combination products to market. A growing number of combination products, along with the overall growth of the pharmaceutical and biologics industry, is driving demand for a more-complex arsenal of tests

Drug and device combination product (DDCP) is merging chemical and mechanical disciplines- it is required by FDA/EMA to have both drug stability as well as the device functionality tests on the same stability program.

M1075 Leak Test Instrumentation

The demands increase for the combined mechanical and chemical testing services to demonstrate that both drug and device are stable and functional through the shelf life of the combination product. IDC with its M1075 medical device testers is providing leading edge technology in such key areas ensuring quality of end products.

These tests play an important role in determining the safety and effectiveness of combination products and are used to show that contaminants from the manufacture, fill, or seal process have not compromised the drug product.

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IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Expo Chicago

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The recent ASSEMBLY Show Oct 2019 provided a Leak Testing driven content by IDC as suppliers’ buyers and users explored new Leak Testing techniques, products and services and in doing so help them learn, share and explore all things regarding Leak Detection methodologies.

The Show attracted a significant amount of visitors who engaged in a very positive manner when visiting our Exhibition Stand in a range of leak testing requirements and applications.

Showcasing leading Edge Leak Test Equipment

Leak Testing Technology

IDC’s Showcase at Assembly Show included:

  • Leading Edge EV and AV Testing Technologies and Innovations to improve test times accuracy and reduce testing costs
  • Innovations for Large Volume Part Leak Testing—InterTech Ex-Heat®.
  • Demonstrations of State of Art InterTech Test Instruments for Medical Device Testing
  • InterTech Lean Test® for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs

InterTech’s Medical Application

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Medical device manufacturers know that Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and FDA compliance mean that you cannot cut corners when ensuring the clinical safety and reliability of medical devices. This is why InterTech’s medical application is THE robust solution when it comes to testing medical devices. Read about one of our solutions for testing medical products.

Dual Channel Leak and Flow Test Instrument for Medical Products

This is a compact instrument designed for the high speed testing of medical products for leakage and flow. InterTech’s patented test technology results in a cost effective solution to the requirements of high speed testing.

Key features include:

  • Two independent test channels, touch screen control panel, dual USB ports, Ethernet connectivity, and embedded Web page
  • 6.5 inch color monitor with touch screen key-pad for a user friendly and flexible operator interface
  • User selectable language: English, German, French and Spanish
  • Two USB Ports for storing test records to the Thumb-Drive

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