Leak Testing and Calibration

InterTech ISO 17025 Accredited Leak Testing and Calibration Laboratory

Gage R&R (Repeatability & Reproducibility)

During leak testing the linearity i.e. variation in the accuracy within the measuring range of the leak testing instrument is determined by periodically checking the leak testing instrument at intermediate leak values less than the leak rate accept limit.

To assure leak testing measurement accuracy, users must calibrate the leak test instrument to a known leak standard, traceable to NIST.

Leak Testing instruments from InterTech generally provide for the following % R&R:

    • All functions are Menu driven with touch-screen prompts for ease of use
    • 0.5 to 1.0 SCCM leak rate – an R&R of 5 – 15% can be expected
    • to 0.5 SCCM leak rate -an R&R of 20% or less can be attained

%R&R increases as the leak rate decreases. Leakage rates 0.10 SCCM and lower show relatively high %R&R but still are satisfactory for leak testing measurements in these very low leak rate ranges.

An analysis of leak testing data indicates that the leak test-to-leak test variation is consistent regardless of the actual leak test measurement and is often due to variations in a master part leakage. As a result, this leak testing variation represents a small % of the large leak range and a much larger % of the very small leak range.

A range of InterTech leak testing instruments is available to provide best-match technology for leak testing application requirements.

% Repeatability and Reproducibility (% R&R) for leak testing is usually evaluated by the following guidelines:

    • 10 or less: Acceptable leak test gage system
    • 11 – 30: Maybe acceptable depending on the leak testing application
    • >30: For most leak testing applications, the gage system needs improvement, with some exceptions in special cases

Measurement of leak testing system errors can result from any of five factors:

    • Accuracy – Comparison of the leak test measurements to a known standard
    • Repeatability – Variation of repeated leak test measurements by one operator on a master part or parts
    • Reproducibility – Variation of repeated leak test measurements by more than one operator on a master part or parts
    • Stability – Variation in leak testing accuracy over time
    • Linearity – Variation inaccuracy within the leak testing measuring range

As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and calibration service, InterTech’s Applications Lab implements and documents its quality system aimed at improving the ability to consistently produce valid results. The Laboratory Accreditation Bureau provides independent accreditation of InterTech’s leak testing and calibration capability.

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