Dual Station Sealed Package Vacuum Leak Test System

Sensors are leak tested at 500mg Hg vacuum to a 0.78 sccm limit in 2.5 seconds

Mass Extraction Technology

This term is used in pharmaceutical applications and refers to the testing of vials and similar sealed packaged under vacuum (below the vapor pressure of water).

Tire Monitoring Sensor Test Equipment
    • Two InterTech M1075 Mass Flow Leak Detectors control a test cycle where sealed tore monitoring sensors are tested at 500mmHg vacuum to a 0.78sccm limit in 2.5 seconds.
    • The Sealed Package Vacuum Leak Test System meets a 10% R and R quality requirement and incorporates failsafe operation where InterTech’s patented bias leak method confirms the integrity of the test chamber at the start of each test cycle without sacrificing cycle times.

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