Test-Centric Assembly for Leak & Functional Testing Systems

InterTech’s Test-Centric Expertise and Uptime Optimization Services

Test-Centric Assembly Expertise and Sample Part Range

InterTech coined the phrase “test-centric assembly” to describe the upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly and test operations that is proven to lower production line inefficiencies. Test-Centric Assembly is a best-practice approach for any test-intensive assembly operation. A common, but far less satisfactory approach to machine building of test-intensive assemblies is to consider leak detection testing, functional testing, or another testing as an afterthought to overall machine design.
InterTech’s Test-Centric Assembly Advantage for Superior Assembly and Test is based on:

    • Detailed Understanding of Leak Test and Functional Test Requirements
    • Standard Line of Test-Centric Chassis and Modules
    • Extensive Test Fixture Design Knowledge Base for leak testing, hydraulic testing, and functional testing
    • Customized Real-Time Monitoring Software and Remote Diagnostics
    • Expert Network Integration
    • Flexible, User-Friendly, and Easy-to-Maintain Processes
Uptime Optimization Consulting Services

Machine builders, automotive component manufacturers, and others seeking faster test-intensive assembly operations can access InterTech’s Uptime Optimization consulting services that detail how to incorporate online calibration and validation of test technology, automation of temperature compensation during testing, and similar engineering that minimizes or eliminates previous needs to shut down test-centric assemblies for recalibrations. InterTech engineers estimate that a combination of solid-state capabilities for online recalibrations can eliminate up to 60 minutes of assembly downtime in each 8-hour shift using machines with leak testing stations. Many assembly operations are straddled with mechanical type calibration and validation processes that are now obsolete. Machine builders that are adding test technology as a secondary consideration in a larger assembly often do not know that they are using substandard leak testing technology that slows down production processes. One of the more straightforward ways to optimize production uptime is by adding electronically self-calibrating leak testers that automatically validate entire test systems while they are in operation.

Another method is by using technology that can automatically adjust testing and interpret results correctly for parts testing at different temperatures, such that cooling of recently cast parts isn’t necessary. These are some of the ways in which InterTech Development Company can help machine builders and assemblers re-engineer processes to eliminate downtime.


Correlation Studies and Feasibility Studies

Typical InterTech Correlation Study


Detailed Feasibility Studies

InterTech’s applications lab is available to help determine pressure testing guidelines, the best leak detector for your application, and the most cost-effective functional performance test specifications. InterTech’s applications engineers carefully assess and weigh the practicality of the widest range of testing methods that potentially match an application’s requirements for both leak testing and functional testing.

Far more than simple instrument selection, InterTech’s Applications Lab brings a systems perspective to develop the best test solution possible for leak tests, mechanical testing, electronic testing, lifecycle testing, and more. End-users utilizing InterTech expertise can expect detailed engineering reports and feasibility studies for every project, including:

    • Determination of the proper test method to achieve the required accuracy
    • Test results from the selected method
    • Gauge R&R of the entire test solution, not just instruments
    • Cycle time projections
    • Best fixturing methods to achieve highest yields and Gauge R&R
    • Accurate assessments of trade-offs and projected return-on-investment from testing technology options

InterTech Development Company is ISO 17025 accredited.  Our Calibration and Applications Laboratory meets the highest international standards for laboratory quality management

Correlation Studies

InterTech’s patented solutions enable correlation studies that are not only accurate but also fast, dramatically improving quality while lowering cost.
Application benefits from InterTech’s correlation study services include:

    • Up to a five-fold increase in production rates, reducing capital expenditures and minimizing floor space requirements
    • Tightly controlled calibration and test parameters to meet 10% Gauge R&R requirements by replacing temperature-sensitive fluids with relatively stable air
    • Eliminating hazardous fumes that can compromise operator health
    • Avoiding messy fluids involving extra housekeeping costs and expensive waste disposal methods to protect the environment
    • Speeding production by skipping parts washing prior to shipping

From on-off transmission solenoid valves to positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valves, to hydro-mechanical actuators, and more, InterTech’s correlation studies can:

    • Cut time-to-market up to 15%
    • Decrease product development costs by as much as 10%
    • Increased production yields up to 20%

InterTech’s Applications Engineers have considerable experience in assisting companies that are setting up worldwide operations. The company has a Global Response Team in place that proactively helps manufacturers cope with the different skill sets and infrastructure constraints in the developing world that can significantly impact gauge R&R of test-intensive assembly and test operations.

InterTech Development Company’s worldwide support organization maintains offices in North America, Asia, and Europe, and service engineers are on call in the USA, France, Germany, Korea, and China for installation, assistance, and training.