Can we make our mass flow leak testing faster still? – Check out LEANTEST™

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  • InterTech’s leak testers incorporate updated state-of-the-art mass flow sensors that are tuned to the specific test parameters specifications of each application.  Unlike older leak testers and the generic test instruments offered by other test instrument manufacturers , InterTech’s test instruments only use sensors that perform optimally and most sensitively in the range that the application requires.
  • The high precision sensors central to InterTech mass flow leak testers empower the InterTech LeanTest™ advantage.  InterTech’s LeanTest speeds test cycle times by determining early in the test cycle that a part is clearly in or out of specifications.  Impossible with pressure decay leak test methods, LeanTest puts the high sensitivity of InterTech’s patented mass flow sensor technology to work.   For leak testing of large volume parts, the leak test cycle accelerations with InterTech LeanTest can be especially significant– 30% is not uncommon.




ASSEMBLY Show Oct 2016

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The recent ASSEMBLY Show Oct 2016 provided an Assembly and Testing driven content as suppliers’ buyers and users explored new Assembly / Test techniques, products and services and in doing so helping suppliers, buyers and users of assembly equipment in manufacturing plants connect, learn share and explore all things Assembly and Testing including leading edge technology regarding Leak Detection methodologies.

The IDC Crew manning the booth received many interesting visits with Prospects as well as existing Customers turning up with Sample Parts / Applications and engaging in informative dialogue on their Leak Testing requirements and possible solutions utilizing IDC test technology and know-how.

IDC Showcase at Assembly Show included:

EtherNet/IP-compatible Instruments / InterTech Advice on Lean Test™ for 50% Decrease in Leak Test Costs / No-cost Legacy Devices’ and Parts’ Test Re-Engineering Consultation including a detailed review of all test technology to identify out-of-date components of test systems / The M1075 proving itself, over other competitor instruments faster by at least 20% and well as being 20% more accurate.


IDC White papers – Tech Tips for you on Key Industry Topics

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What is EtherNet/IP and when is it appropriate?

  • EtherNet/IP — a standardized communication protocol that allows communication between different instruments and devices on the factory floor– provides a relatively easy method to integrate leak test data into overall plant data systems.
  • By now nearly every factory floor and office in the world makes use of EtherNet for its connectivity backbone. Worldwide it is also a given that IT Departments consider all things EtherNet a core capability of their expertise.
  • Leveraging ubiquitous investments in EtherNet technology and extending its reach throughout the factory floor is a logical next step for many manufacturers. This is especially the case if and when a manufacturer seeks to integrate test data with MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

Isn’t Pressure Decay Leak Testing Always the Lowest-Cost Method? LeanPass™

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Answer: No! Pressure Decay Test Methods Can Raise Costs Up to 50%!

  • Many make the mistake of equating the upfront costs of a leak tester instrument with the costs of the leak testing in total. Over the economic life of a leak tester, the upfront costs of the test instrument are a mere fraction, often trivial, of the overall testing costs.
  • Pressure-decay leak testing is difficult because measurements are highly vulnerable to changes in testing conditions such as drafts or temperature and there are often difficulties in determining the volume of test parts and test circuits, which must be known in order to calculate results. Also, pressure decay methods, including differential pressure decay methods, have hidden costs that derive from the need to make two measurements and then correlate results to determine a leak rate. Two measurements mean double the chances for measurement error. In addition, the longer the interval between the two measurements the higher the probability for measurement error – especially for leak testing large volume parts.
  • The problems inherent in pressure decay can be avoided by using an InterTech M1075 with LeanPass™ to achieve a cycle time reduction of up to 50%.


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