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Leak Testing Equipment System Performance

Leak testing large volume automotive components – transfer cases, oil pan assemblies, reservoirs, intake manifolds, and transmissions, and the like - poses a different set of challenges than those of testing smaller parts.

Some automotive manufacturers have straddled their operations with antiquated pressure decay leak test methods for such large parts. Pressure decay, or differential pressure decay testing, is rarely a best match leak test method for large parts because the larger the part volume, the smaller the change in pressure for a given leak rate. With our leak testing equipment system performance, as you increase test volumes the result is inherently long test times and increased measurement errors.

Using mass flow leak testing methods for large parts is always faster with acceptable gage R&R easier to achieve. However, a vigilant eye on how production rates are impacting the bottom line is compelling many manufacturers of larger automotive parts to ask – Can we make our mass flow leak testing faster still?

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The InterTech Solution

InterTech Development Company can typically re-engineer mass flow leak testing solutions to our Integration Parts for such large automotive parts to reduce cycle times by 30% and more. Much of this re-engineering is very application specific. In all cases though, there are two primary considerations when speed of leak testing large volume parts are involved:

InterTech Leantestâ„¢ and InterTech Precision Leak Testers

InterTech’s leak testers incorporate updated state-of-the-art mass flow sensors that are tuned to the specific test parameter specifications of each application. Unlike older leak testers and the generic test instruments offered by other test instrument manufacturers, InterTech’s test instruments only use sensors that perform optimally and most sensitively in the range that the application requires.

The high precision sensors central to InterTech mass flow leak testers empower the InterTech LeanTest™ advantage. InterTech’s LeanTest speeds up test cycle times by determining early in the test cycle that a part is clearly in or out of specifications. Impossible with pressure decay leak test methods, LeanTest puts the high sensitivity of InterTech’s patented mass flow sensor technology to work. For leak testing of large volume parts, the leak test cycle accelerations with InterTech LeanTest can be especially significant – 30% is not uncommon.

Reduction of Stabilization Times in Test Cycles

InterTech’s proprietary ex-Heat™ technology significantly reduces the stabilization time on large open test volumes, which is almost always the slowest part of the leak test and with large volume parts is also typically the primary cause of inaccurate test values. Test times are further minimized by use of InterTech’s FastFill test circuit designs. FastFill is proprietary technology to introduce air quickly into the part being leak tested without creating harmful turbulence.

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InterTech’s turnkey test solutions consistently lower medical device, and medical product testing costs by 25% or more. To achieve these cost reductions and maintain GMP standards, InterTech utilizes an encyclopedic knowledge base of test fixture design and a wide array of leak test technology methodologies for medical device manufacturers. Contact our applications engineers for help.

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Test Process and Solution

InterTech’s unsurpassed speeds in leak test cycle times for large volume parts are the result of four InterTech patented and proprietary technologies:

  • InterTech M1075 precision testers with patented next generation mass flow sensors.
  • LeanTest
  • Ex-Heat
  • FastFill

Examples of InterTech automated leak test solutions for large volume automotive parts include:

  • OIL PAN ASSEMBLY – 8 liter internal volume parts are tested in 19 seconds, previously required 30 seconds
  • Washer RESERVOIR ASSEMBLY – 5 liter internal volume parts are tested in 12 seconds, previously required 20 seconds.
  • Intake Manifold – 4.8 liter molding is tested in 20 seconds, previously required 30 seconds
  • Transfer case housings – a family of 5 liter castings are tested in less than 25 seconds without the need for filler blocks enabling quick change flexibility and robot parts handling.

Additional Features

  • Full integration with robotic systems – with flexibility to handle families of parts & quick changeover times.
  • Sensor and vision inspection systems for part verification and gaging.
  • EtherNet/IP™ Capability for seamless test cell integration into customer manufacturing systems.
  • Automatic R&R mode to verify system performance.
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