Leak Detectors – InterTech’s M1075 range of Leak Detection instrumentation comprises easy to configure leak detector test equipment

M1075Y – Single Channel Leak Detector

Multi Channel M1075Y Leak Detector

InterTech Compact Leak Test Instruments with Patented and Proven Leak and Functional Test Technology

Whether you require Mass Flow, Pressure Decay and Pressure Increase, Vacuum Rise, Differential Pressure instruments, InterTech leak and functional testing instruments feature patented technology for unprecedented accuracy and speed and ease of use.

The M1075 brand of leak detection instrumentation is easily configurable for a diverse range of test requirements based on end-user application needs.

The family of instruments measure leaks from 0.01 sccm to 20 sccm in a range of methods. InterTech’s customized leak testing sensors eliminate the hidden costs of generic leak testers and are capable of shortening leak test cycle times by up to 70%.

The leak detector may operate as a stand alone instrument or can easily be interfaced with a PLC or PC.

Key features of the test technology include:

    • Proprietary technology provides such benefits as high speed mass flow leak testing, temperature compensation and automatic calibration.
    • InterTech offers the fastest leak testing cycle times for your application requirements.
    • Computerized controls eliminate the need for operator judgment.
    • InterTech ensures less than 5% instrument Gauge R&R.
    • ISO 17025 traceable calibration of InterTech instruments via an in-house accredited laboratory.
    • Several Screen Display Options: test display, graphical display, statistical display.

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ISO Accreditation and the Highest Quality Standards

InterTech Development Company enables ISO 9001-compliant manufacturers to rely on our ISO 17025 accreditation. This guarantees that our Calibration and Applications Laboratory meets the highest international standards for laboratory quality management.

As an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and calibration service, the InterTech Applications Lab implements and documents its quality system aimed at improving our ability to consistently produce valid results. The Laboratory Accreditation Bureau provides independent accreditation of InterTech leak testing.