Test Displays and Menus

All functions are menu-driven with touch-screen prompts for ease of use.

Easy to Read Test Display Screen


The normal test mode display includes:
    • Up to 99 different test programs may be selected.
    • Test state: Ready, Fill, Bypass, Stabilize.
    • Test status: Accept, Cause of Reject.
    • Leak rate in sccm.
    • Our leak detector includes the real-time display of supply pressure, leak, and time remaining.
    • Display of all test records (up to 4,000,000) can be downloaded to a USB drive.
    • Seal check facilitates troubleshooting with a continuous test state display indicating the time elapsed. Counts display shows total accepts, rejects, and related statistics. Test program Edit Menu allows the on-site entry of new test programs and changes to existing programs without the need for a remote terminal.
    • User-selectable features include options such as Hold pressure on reject, Quick/Early Pass (optional), Pre-Fill pressure to reduce test cycle time.
    • Additional menus prompt the user through calibration, print, and diagnostic functions.

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